Financial services form a central point where ambition meets regulation, where growth is tempered by risk, and where the drive for innovation is ever-increasing. As the industry reshapes in response to technological advancements, digitisation, shifting customer expectations, and regulatory modifications, uncertainty becomes an inherent aspect. Navigating this maze calls for a new approach, a more robust solution.

Enter SecD3v, a sovereign, IRAP assessed, and isolated GitLab-based software factory. This comprehensive as-a-service solution integrates seamlessly with your corporate and enterprise networks, providing a robust DevSecOps platform with secure software patterns, templates, and security tools. The future of financial services can confidently thrive with SecD3v, transforming uncertainty into a roadmap for innovation and success.

A Secure Solution Across Financial Services Disciplines

Retail Banking:

Seamlessly conduct operations and transactions while ensuring customer data is always safeguarded and regulatory compliance is met.


Strengthen digital transformation with SecD3v's secure platform, instilling customer trust and meeting stringent regulatory requirements.


Mitigate risks and ensure compliance with SecD3v, protecting sensitive client data and enabling innovative digital services.

Asset Management

Implement secure, efficient digitisation with SecD3v, safeguarding client investments and fostering operational excellence.

Financial Market Infrastructure

Enhance the financial system's resilience with SecD3v's robust security, securing transactions and maintaining uninterrupted operations.

Capital Markets

Facilitate secure trading and efficient data management with SecD3v, boosting market confidence and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Consumer Finance

Safeguard customer data with SecD3v, fostering trust while seamlessly navigating the digital landscape of consumer finance.

Financial Regulators

Utilise SecD3v's secure platform to enforce industry standards, protect sensitive data, and effectively regulate the financial ecosystem.

Superannuation Funds

Secure member retirement savings with SecD3v's leading-edge digital safety, enhancing operational efficiency and member confidence.